Fecal Test Results have left me unsure

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May 21, 2019
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So Floyd's fecal test results came back and are negative for parasites and coccidia and everything... I've heard they aren't always accurate but don't have another 200$$ to spend again so we have to go with those results.
Now I don't know what to do because he still has issues with his fecal pellets. They are always quite soft and very very mishapen.
Wondering if he is a megacolon? Or maybe just will always be like this? It worries me because his diet is already so slim. 99% timothy hay and a little bit of parsley, dried dandelion and herbs mix and sometimes a tiny finger sized peice of bok choy.
And if course my rabbit vet is now gone for 6 weeks. She is the 3rd rabbit vet (not specialized just willing to work with them) in my area that has bailed on me. I might have to go to school and become a rabbit vet just to take care of my baby because no vets are any help at all :(

Don't know where to go from here

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