Exciting news - for me at least 😆

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Apollo’s Slave

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Dec 5, 2019
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London, England
If everything goes to plan, I will be getting a new rabbit on the second week of September, literally weeks away. I know that I’ve made a quite a few posts about getting a second rabbit already, so, sorry to bore you! But after a really really long time (I’ve been looking since my birthday in May!), I’ve found a rescue who is still rehoming rabbits, is close enough to london, and who has females available. I’ve inquired at quite a few rescues and have had some problems due to covid, but I’m so so excited for September now! Although, ‘school’ starts then also, which is not so exciting.

I’m just waiting to hear back from the rescue to confirm the dates.
At the same time as being excited, I’m also super nervous, I’m going to have to drop Apollo off that same day for a week or more, for them to bond him with the new rabbit (thank you @Diane R for advising that though!).

The way this rescue works is that I will bring Apollo on the chosen date, pick a rabbit on that same day, and then they will bond them. So at this moment in time, I do not know which rabbit I will be getting but I do know some that I like! I will definitely be posting more on the subject, so try not to get too bored 🤣

Another random thing: it’s 3am, and there’s a spider in my bed instead of myself, because I tried to kill it and I thought I did but then it crawled on me and I felt sick and I felt bad because I tried to kill it. Don’t question my thought process 😆