Does my holland lop hear me properly?

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Apr 9, 2022
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Hi everyone!

I have a 9-month old holland lop boy named Mr. Bunbuns and he’s super sweet. Sometimes I scare him accidentally and I’m not quite sure if he hears me (for reference, he’s fully free roam). I understand that rabbits are prey animals but, I feel guilty for scaring him by accident.

I talk to him and make sure to be vocal so he knows it’s me. I try not to make any sudden movements or loud noises. I also get down to his level and slowly approach him.

Maybe he has selective hearing at times? Perhaps it’s just how his ears are shaped but, I’m not quite sure.

Any thoughts or insight would be lovely.

Thanks so much!!
Dec 10, 2014
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My Velveteen Lop is like this, I think her hearing may be compromised. However, bunnies are just like people and can "tune out" stuff that they aren't actively paying attention to, and when it is suddenly "there" they can get scared (think the infamous cat/cucumber videos 😅). I just try to be mindful when approaching the enclosure, and clap my hands or stomp my feet (starting very softly) until I get her eyes on me from a distance and approach her then, instead of suddenly just "magically showing up". :) You could always have a vet double check his ears as well!


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Feb 23, 2020
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I can only give you a simple "dumb" advice. How about snapping your fingers while youre normally in the room. Like not really paying attention to your Bunny but make sure you can see him. Start a finger snap and check his reaction. Does he stop/gets into alert state? If not continue doing it. If he reacts he can hear :D

Also please be mindful that once you realize that he indeed noticed the sound, stop it. Our two bunnies are on high alert once they hear short repating sounds, so I guess other Bunnies might behave the same.

As per does you Bunny have any kind of "hearing impairment", that is something an exotic vet could find out. If they can find out.....(Or at least examine the ears that they are intact, no infection etc)

Also our two bunnies scare each other when they suddenly do a noise the other one doesn't expect, such is the nature of a prey animal.

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