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May 5, 2020
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Hookstown, PA
I’ve taken my Holland Lop doe to the breeder three times for her to breed with the buck and she has no interest and tucks her bottom. We’ve tried different bucks each time for long periods of time. We’ve used the bucks pen as well as a playpen in the yard.

The bucks owner has graciously let me borrow one of her bucks. Picked him up yesterday, placed him in an outside playpen to get used to the area then but my doe in. He’s definitely interested, but she constantly tucks her bum. I intervene and try to raise her bottom, but still no luck. I’m at my wits I’ve researched a ton, but feel defeated. I read to take her for a ride, so I did that last night and but her back with him. Of course he’s interested she’s not. I massaged her vent area, let them have breaks and currently I decided to leave her in his pen for a bit through the night. She’s an one year indoor rabbit, what your thoughts about brining him into her area? I’ve read that always isn’t wise, I just don’t know what else to do. I watched them all evening and seen no fall-offs. They take breaks and lay near each other. All I want are babies. Not sure what else I can do. She’s humped him and actually fell off which I’ve read that that means she’s ready to breed?? I’m at a loss! Please help! The other attempts after being “bred” she made beautiful nests in her box, just no babies.



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Jul 19, 2015
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I might be wrong, could it be that she's rather on the plump side? Could be a reason for not taking at previous attempts. When did she build the nests, about 2 weeks in?
Also how is her housing? A lot of light is said to help to get them in the mood, spending time outsides and even leaving the light on for a week.

One of my does wasn't etnthusiastic either this year, I let that breeding doe pair out in the garden with the buck for 3 weeks and he also spent some nights with them in their hutch, one took pretty soon, the second litter came 3 weeks apart.
If that works depends on the rabbits personalities, a grumpy, dominant doe can start a fight.

Ah, wait, she fell off? Never seen that - humping, yes, a lot. Well, with a nestbuilding history it's pretty sure she really is a girl :D. Anyway, as far as I can tell that's more a sign that she worries more about hierachy than being eager to breed, some bucks can be put off pretty badly that way.

One of my does kept attacking the buck at the first tries to breed her, what worked was that I stuffed both into a small cardboard box laying on it's side, just big enough to fit in like sardines, and guarded the open side and didn't let them get out for ten minutes, that obviously distracted her few brain cells enough to get the deed done.
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