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Aug 3, 2022
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South Carolina
We had two bunnies—one for over 8 years and another for 6.
The older one (Abby)was the leader so to speak and they were very well bonded.
Abby passed away at home a few days ago and I am concerned how this will affect the other one named Leo.
‘He was able to sniff the body that we had wrapped in a towel and then immediately ran back to his cage.
We miss our Abby but LEO is eating and behaving normally.
Is there any problems that we should on the look out for?
Should we get another bunny and see if they bond?
Or perhaps a stuffed animal?


Loony bunny guy
Jul 19, 2015
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Well, limited experience here, only happened twice that one of my rabbits lost its partner. My impression is, they do not have any concept of death. But I'm sure some will miss the company,or be miffed or irritaded by the change of the daily routine. Missing their companion imho isn't the same thing as mourning. At both occasions I got them new partners - I kept one of Chantals daughters, born a few days after her mother died, and when I had to euthanize Herr Hase my new buck moved in with Dotty (and me).

Chantal treated Magdas corpse like an object, didn't seem to care the least. Dotty, I don't know, I think she tried to move him, there was a huge piece of fur missing when I got home after leaving him with her, but she too didn't seem to bother too much.

About getting another rabbit, well, if you want a pair of rabbits, that's an option. I consider my rabbits more as room mates, and enjoy witnessing their interactions more than the little affection they show towards me. A stuffed animal wouldn't hurt anyway, the reason they exist because their magic works, even with rabbits. the Illusion that there's smeone.


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
Yes, some rabbits can have a depressed state when they lose a bonded companion, even to the point of developing GI stasis because they stop eating. Other rabbits don't seem to change their behavior at all.

Usually the signs of 'depression' would be lack of or reduced appetite, and lethargy. But it sounds to me like your bun is adjusting fine. You could try a stuffie to see if he likes having it to snuggle with. Some rabbits do like them.

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