Couple of questions about bunnies outside

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Oct 27, 2019
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My first question is to anyone who allows there bunnies to free range in the garden. It is something I would love to do, we have a garden that would be perfect for it my only problem is we get cats who climb over the fence. They would never be unsupervised but something could go wrong so fast. If you free range outside how do you avoid this problem?

My second question is does it matter if you don’t have outside access for bunnies if they get adequate exercise inside? My inside rabbits are free ranged all day and have their own room to sleep in at night (they are quite noisy while we sleep so it really helps to keep them in their room). I’m really paranoid about allowing both my separate pairs on to the same outside space in case they smell the others and it upsets their bond.


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Feb 9, 2020
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I would be careful with giving them all of your garden. Firstly they can destroy a lot with eating plants (roses etc) secondly they could dig wholes in your garden and with that comes also the danger that they will dig underneath your garden fence and wuppss they are gone. Or they dig big wholes and you can’t find them etc.

Also if you need to get the rabbits in because for example you have an doctors appointment in the afternoon what are you doing about it if one rabbit decides it has no fun to come back in? Catch it is not possible...

For the danger for other animals, one of the biggest danger is also what rabbits can’t see at all - birds 🦅. If they have a big garden to themselves it won’t scare the birds or cats to attack a rabbit but it would scare them if the rabbit only has a little space which is busy due to you being nearby or your kids playing close to the rabbits cage etc.

I think outside time is really important because they are missing out on the sunlight (vitamin D) and also on the nature as an animal.

Good luck

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
My rabbits have all been indoors. They get their exercise indoors where they feel safe and secure. The binkies and dashes are performed in the comfort of their known territory.

Any outside time isn't really for exercise but more for some fresh air and something new to explore. Access to grass or plants should be considered carefully as there are several potential dangers. This page on my site explains the cautions to consider before allowing rabbits outside, even if just for a short time.

Birds of prey are always a danger which is why it is important for a human to be in close proximity to the rabbits when they are outdoors.