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Mar 20, 2012
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Arizona, USA
From what I've read, corn starch can be used carefully for cleaning a rabbit's soiled paws. Either plain corn starch or a corn starch baby powder that has no talc can be used. Avoid having it get anywhere near bunny's face or inhaled.

As a general rule, rabbits should not ever need to be bathed or cleaned (either with water or dry). They groom themselves and molt regularly. So even if some fur gets a bit soiled, they'll either clean it or it will be replaced with new fur during a shed.

A possible exception to the no-bathing rule would be if a rabbit gets a poopy bum. The cause of the poopy bum would need to be addressed as that would indicate a problem (with health or diet). But in that case, a butt bath could be given. That would mean an inch of warm water -- just enough for bunny's bum to get wet, nothing more -- then gently massaging the soiled fur. Dry the bottom thoroughly.

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