Clicker training for feeding?

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Jan 11, 2020
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Hi all,
So I give my rabbits two servings of greens (once in the morning, once in the evening), and lately George has been getting a bit aggressive when he sees me coming with the food. He's a very energetic guy, whenever he sees food he binkies and does zoomies and is just excited. But if he sees me pass by my other bunny, Bella, while carrying the food, he darts at her with his mouth open like he's trying to attack her, thinking that she has already gotten food. Luckily, she has always gotten away and no fighting comes after it. They don't fight once they get the food or anything, sometimes they take the food from each other but they don't really seem to care about that as long as there's more. I want to stop his aggressiveness towards her now before it becomes a problem. Lately I've been trying by saying "HEY" in a loud, firm tone when I see him go at her or if they begin chasing each other and that seems to snap them out of it- but i just don't want to generate fear in them either. I've also been waiting for them to calm down before putting the food on their placemats to see if they'll start making a connection between calm behavior and food- but I'm honestly not to sure how thats working yet. So I want to see if anyone has tried clicker training for feeding times or in general because I know that it can be an effective method and it can provide a sense of order without fear. Anyways, any advice or recommendations would be great, thanks!