Changing up the Rabbit Room

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Jan 23, 2011
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
As it is right now, Molly and Gus have their own room. At one end of the room, I've set up two XL Xpens, side by side, to be their cages. During the day, Molly's pen door is left open so she can have free range of the room. Her favorite activity is to lounge around full spread either in the middle of the floor or across the door to Gus's pen. At bedtime, Molly goes back in her pen and Gus come out. He's far more active, and will binky around or lay spread out in front of Molly's door. All in all, Molly is out for about 16 hours a day, and Gus for 8.

I'm considering changing things up a bit. Gus is certainly more active than Molly, but Molly weighs five times what Gus weighs, so I don't want to take away any of Molly's time out by letting Gus out for longer. My idea is to split the room right down the center with Xpen panels, giving both rabbits equal space and permanent free range of their own sides. I love this idea because I wouldn't have to worry about letting them in and out, and it would be super easy to clean. Plus, it would give them equal space, and Gus would have ample room to do binkies. The only difference is, I would put the futon on Molly's side because she likes to jump up on it while Gus basically ignores it. Gus would get something else to hide under.

This would also give me enough room to lay on the floor to bond with Gus, something I've been having a difficult time with ever since he was neutered and I had to ice, you know...several times a day. This rabbit HATES me right now.

And finally, when (and if) they are bonded, it would be a simple task to lower the wall and let them both have free range of the entire room, which is my ultimate goal.