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Aug 19, 2020
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North Carolina
My friends rabbit is experiencing something weird but we can't tell if it's GI stasis or something else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

For some context, her rabbit suffered a stroke about a year or two ago and now has a head tilt. She came home to her rabbit who was sitting in his own urine and having small poops. His symptoms are as follows:
  • lethargy
  • not eating (I know this is a vet issue however we want to see what we can learn first)
  • small, watery poops
  • penis is out?
  • his testicals are lower hanging than usual
However his pee is a light yellow color (not cloudy or sludgy), he has no lesions anywhere (I was thinking it could be some sort of std) and his penis isn't stuck or anything. Is this just normal GI stasis or is something else wrong? Any advice would we greatly appreciated


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
This isn't a normal mild case of GI stasis from an upset stomach. There is something else going on here. If the watery poops are the fecal poop and it's not just a tiny bit, meaning there aren't normal round dry fecal balls being produced as well but is all or mostly watery diarrhea, then this is an emergency and the rabbit needs to get to the vet right away.

It's hard to say what it could be, because the penis hanging out isn't normal at all either. It could be a pain response, another stroke, a problem with internal organs. But whatever is going on needs to be checked by a vet, and if there is watery fecal poop, this needs to be immediately, as pathogenic bacteria is a common cause for diarrhea and this bacteria if it is clostridium, can be fatal within hours if not treated promptly with questran and metronidazole. If it's just a very small amount of watery poop and there is also normal poop, then it could be from bad food, or liver problems can also cause this.

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