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Jun 2, 2019
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Bunny update! Butterscotch and Goose are doing well! They are a textbook example of a happy couple. I'm a little jealous. I have not built up the courage to free roam them yet but they do have access to their playpen 12 hours each day during the week and Friday afternoon to Monday morning on weekends. My anxiety about escaped bunnies chewing power cords keeps me from leaving them out in their playpen when I go to work. I'm working on that. I'm hoping my Dad will be able to come over this summer to build them a custom home but we'll just have to see how this virus scenario pans out. We are trying to be responsible with our social distancing. I gave them some Chewy packaging paper this afternoon and they are having more fun than they've ever had before. This needs to be a regular activity from now on! I'm not sure who is more entertained, me or them.

Goose will still not eat greens. I've offered all kinds and I've only ever seen him nibble on romaine lettuce and then just a teensy weensy bit at that. Butterscotch has a voracious appetite for anything and everything. She's now my easy bun. We almost didn't survive each other from the beginning but patience has paid off and she is such a doll now. Very cuddly and inquisitive and POTTY TRAINED!! Woo hoo! I love these bunnies so much. I find it extraordinarily calming to watch them groom each other or to take them outside one at a time and groom them in my patio rocking chair. We had a bumpy start but I have no regrets, just two happy buns and one happy mama.