Buns haven't eaten, advice please

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Feb 16, 2020
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bath, uk
This may be a bit long but please read and give advice if you can! I'm worried ):

Both my buns are outdoor rabbits, they have an exceptionally large hutch connected to a run so that they constantly have grass and space to run and jump, etc. Their hutch is also monitored by a security camera so we can always check they're alright.

Earlier today in the morning I looked outside my window and saw one of the buns sitting outside the hutch, on the steps on the ground. Terrified, I called the rest of my family and my brother collected her, checked if she was okay (which she did seem) and put her back into the hutch. It was a terrifying experience and it's never happened before, one of the rabbits escaping. We've been having very strong winds due to a storm passing this weekend (cold weather too) and this is what we assume caused the hole in the tube leading to their run (now reinforced with wood and screws, even more stable and strong now, very escape-proof) which she bad escaped from.

I checked the security camera footage and was devastated to find out she'd been outside for at least an hour before I found her. We were all surprised though, that 1) she didn't try to get back into the hutch through the way she got out, and 2) she didn't run away, instead sitting next to the hutch and waiting for help (poor little thing ). Anyway she seemed totally fine after we put her back, not even shaken, and she's a bun who gets scared easily by things like loud noises or car journeys. She ate some grass and greens, and a FEW pellets, one or two, so I didnt worry about whether she was eating or not.

In the morning we give them their pellets, and they usually eat through them through the day, usually having finished them off by the afternoon. However today, we assume because of the whole escape situation they hadn't had a chance to finish their pellets. However now it's evening and I just went outside to give them their evening food and the pellets looked like they'd barely been touched.

Now, it seems like the bunny who didn't escape hadn't touched much of the food either, but I'm not really sure if he did or didn't. I'm just worried that our girl who escaped is sick or hurt or something from when she was stuck outside for so long. Don't get me wrong, our rabbits love cold weather and have been running into the pen, choosing to spend their time in the wind and rain, weirdos. But I'm worried it was too much for her to be outside for so long. I feel absolutely awful for not noticing for so long, too. Although she seemed absolutely fine when we found her- she still does! Her personality doesn't seem to have changed at all, she seems the exact same. The only worrying thing is the food. This is the first time they've ever left that many pellets.

tldr; one of my buns got escaped herself stuck outside this afternoon for about an hour - she seems fine but now she isn't finishing her food from the morning.

So sorry for the long post but I'm very anxious about our little one. Thanks for reading if you do :)

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Mar 19, 2012
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How old are they?
Do they also get hay? I'd assume the grass isn't enough for grazing in the winter.

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