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Jul 19, 2010
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philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
I have 2 bunnies, same breed. Both males. I noticed a lump in one's ear and I took him home for examination (they stay outside and are very rarely in the house). It turned out to be a bite and something was stuck in it.! But both rabbits got along just fine! I know there are skunks, squirrels and other animals outside and I leave them in a roofless cage sometimes. I pulled it out but I didn't put any ointment because we only have ointment for humans, I don't know if it would be ok to put it on a bunny's ear. I put him back in the cage with the other bunny who attacked me and started licking him ear. That happened yesterday. Now the bunny attackes and grunts at me and the injured bunny. Any ideas please? I gave him some food and he pushed it away with his nose. He's just acting like me and the injured bunny did something wrong!
Nov 30, 2005
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If the bunnies were very young bunnies when you first got them and they are growing into adocescent bunnies ( like maybe 3-5 months ) then they need to be separated. Are these rabbits intact or neutered? Even if they are neutered 2 males often will not get along and 2 intact rabbits will outright fight to the death.

If you believe that a wild animal got into the rabbit habitat then the injured rabbit should be seen by a vet and given strong antibiotics. It is much more likely that the other male caused the injuries as rabbits do not often survive a wild animal attack.
Get some betadine (povidine iodine) from a pharmacy and dilute it with plain water. Take cotton balls and cleanse the inner area of the wound with it ..making sure that you have cleansed it very very thoroughly .
You can then use plain neosporin on the wound in a small amount.
A bite can become an infection quickly so it is important to clean it out thouroughly quickly .
It sounds as if you may be new to rabbits. It would be a good ideato look over the forum at various ways to securely set up a hutch outside.

You should never leave the top open outside



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Dec 29, 2004
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Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Oh, it sounds like the hormones have kicked in. Just as was said above, if they are intact, they need to be separated.

As far as the ear, is there actually something inside of the wound? If could be a warble. They occur when a bot fly lays eggs inside of a wound, when they hatch, the larva is stuck inside. They need to be removed in their entirety, which is best done by a vet.

Good luck!

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