Bunny ingested some cooling mat gel?

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Jun 8, 2021
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New york
Ok so I'm a bit panicked and worried because I bought a cooling mat for my rabbit earlier today, because its really stuffy in my room nowadays. And I put it in his pen about 2 hours ago. Right off the bat he started digging at it and biting it. But there would be intervals where he would just lay down there. So I thought maybe he just had to get used to it. His pen is right behind my desk so I was on my computer. Every now and then I would hear digging but I would check and he would lay back down.
Well. At some point recently. About 20-30 minutes ago I felt like it was simply too quiet. I look at his cage and I see him in a kind of...sitting position, but much of him is covered by his bed, (his crown shaped bed thats by the corner he likes to squeeze through... also on top of the cooling mat I had just placed). I get closer and end up going inside the pen to see what's up, and was dismayed to see that he was practically eating this gel like thing that was coming from inside the may so I automatically remove the mat and check to see the damage, I wanted to see if I could tell how much he'd ingested but I have no way of knowing. This is killing meee and I don't think I can go to sleep with this anxiety that something may happen to him.

(And unfortunately a vet is not really that easy to get to because it has to be with appointment it seems. I scheduled one last month for this month. Since he's only 4 months old, and we're still waiting for the day...)

Please help :(


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Sep 10, 2012
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If you still have the package, it should say if the contents are non toxic or not. If you don't have the package, look it up online, probably on the manufacturers website to see if it's non toxic. Usually it is because of the risk of kids possibly ingesting it. And just monitor his behavior, eating, and pooping to make sure that all stays normal. Eating lots of hay can help.

Otherwise if it isn't safe, and especially if your bun starts showing signs of an upset stomach, you'll need to try and find an emergency vet experienced with rabbits.