Bunny girl peeing outside the litter box

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Sep 9, 2021
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Hi there,

I have a lovely 7 month-old female New Zealand White rabbit

She is litter trained since she was 1 month old, but we keep having accidents.

She was sprayed quite a while ago

The "normal" problems were if she would get to a room that is usually closed for her, also if she would get on the bed, she'd run around for a while but then inevitably use the soft bed as a litter box and pee. Today she peed on the sofa where she is always allowed. She is outside her cage when I am at home during the day and I work at home, so most of the time.

Every time I start to "trust her more" she does it.

Is it possible to somehow prevent the accidents? She started having them is random places lately, not just the sofa

Blue eyes

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Expanding roaming space too quickly can cause potty accidents. So suddenly being given a whole new room can cause a rabbit to start marking the territory and/or forgetting where the litter box is. So if this is the cause, then she should be confined to a space where she is consistent with going in her litter box. Then, gradually, that space can be slowly expanded in small increments. If she ends up with a much, much larger space, it may be helpful to have additional litter boxes. However, those new boxes she'll need to get used to as well.

Another possible reason for piddle accidents is a urinary infection. If it is random piddles, that could be the reason (though your description doesn't necessarily sound like that is the cause).

Soft places like beds, blankets, and sometimes couches too, can prove irresistible for pottying on (for some rabbits). However, if it is just part of that expanded space issue, then backing off on all that space may solve the issue. She should be kept off beds to avoid that temptation. If going potty on the couch is a new behavior, that might have to be looked at as a separate issue altogether. That could be from new scents on the couch (from new people/pets perhaps) or from a single accident that has now left residual odor that encourages her to go in the same spot again.

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