Bunny Bonding - First Time!

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Allen Wrider

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Oct 22, 2019
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So I have this beautiful Florida white bunny named Quinn that I've raised from a baby, and she's been with me for a year and a half. She's my first bunny, and she's very attached to me so I didn't plan on getting another rabbit.

But Easter came around, and one of my colleagues got his kids an "Easter bunny". Well, we all know how well that goes, so this unspayed female that they couldn't take care of ended up in my lap. I had her spayed immediately, and set to work finding out everything I could about bunny bonding, but it's going terribly!

It's been two months since the new bun (Skippy's) spay, and she absolutely refuses to submit to Quinn. Quinn wasn't happy with her either, but she displays the typical dominant behavior and isn't aggressive unless directly responding to Skippy's behavior. Skippy's bit her, pulled tufts of her fur, boxed and chased her, and tried to mount her very aggressively.

I recently changed their separate caging to a pen setup with a fence in between, and they're not fighting or biting through the fence (which is an improvement), but they both bow down and ask to be groomed, and neither one will relent. Sometimes Skippy still raises her tail when she sees Quinn eating or hopping by, though she doesn't lunge at the fence. Quinn is largely uncaring of her presence and often lounges directly by the fence.

While the change in environment seems to have helped, I still can't trust them together and I'm afraid they'll never bond! I don't want to get rid of either one or have them fight forever-- PLEASE HELP!