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Jan 29, 2023
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Hello! If you have ever bonded bunnies and want to provide support for those who are new and inexperienced rabbit owners, reply to this thread with "I am a bonding supporter".

I am a new member and bunny owner who recently adopted a friend for my resident bun. I am surprised there is not a forum for people working through the complex and stressful process of bonding, so I am posting this thread in the hopes that I can make some sort of support team. I am a bit young and doing this for the first time, so I am networking in the hopes of finding people who have done this successfully to give me (and any other people) their advice and encouragement.

I have noticed that in most situations, rabbit owners live amongst people who are not rabbit-saavy, making the specific situations they end up in (such as bonding) pretty isolating. Let's work together to mitigate this and provide encouragement to all seeking it!

God bless,

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