Bonding Rabbits: Will Fight AND Groom Eachother?

Discussion in 'Nutrition and Behavior' started by sunbutterbuns, Aug 31, 2019.

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    Hello everybun!
    I am at a bit of a loss...
    About 4 months ago, I started bonding my Himalayan (Tofu M) with an English Spot (Midway F) I adopted! Both have been fixed.
    Things started off great, I performed bonding sessions in a neutral space, and not even a couple of weeks in, they had their first night together while I monitored! It was a success.
    However, as of late we haven't been so fortunate.
    Even in neutral territory, Tofu will lunge at Midway constantly when she's keeping to herself. These lunges turn into full-on tornadoes very fast, but I catch him early on. At first, I played it off as dominance, but so much fur pulling is involved I don't think that's the case.
    But the oddest part is both Tofu and Midway will fight so hard for eachothers attention through the ex pens just so they can groom each other. Both of them will bow and eventually one of them will take the initiative to lick. I am not sure how to interpret that affection.
    They both groom one another but Tofu always picks fights. I am not sure what to do. :(

    Any advice appreciated!

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