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Feb 1, 2021
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Hi guys,

2 days ago one of our dearest Mochi, passed away rather unexpectedly at the vets. She sudden unable to intake food/drink that evening and we rush her to the vet was told its her guts issue and to hospitalised her after 3 hours we receive call that she passed on.

Mochi (8years old female) was part of a bonded pair for (3 years ) with Ptor (male 5years old). I just came across some sites suggesting today that to have them lay by the deceased bunny for a few hours which is too late now.

What are the best ways we can help him grieve?
P’tor is diagnose with Heart condition when we adopted him which made us more worried with the pass on of Mochi.


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Nov 17, 2020
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There is a stuffie on amazon that is heated and when you feel it it has a heart beat. You could probably buy this stuffie and rub Mochi's scent on it..

I'm so sorry for your dear Mochi. You and Ptor must be very sad. I'm sure she was a sweetheart!


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Jul 7, 2019
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I am so sorry for your loss! I have been through this twice now, mostly recently just a few months ago. My sweet little Fiona was bonded to Farrah, though not as long as yours, when Farrah suddenly passed from GI stasis. We had brought her to a vet that was over an hour away and after she passed I could not pick her up until the next day. Due to this they had her placed in the freezer to preserve her. I thought it weird to defrost her to have Fiona lay with her so I opted to bury her. Fiona became depressed, stopped eating mostly anything except a few pellets. I though for sure Fiona was going to starve to death so I syringe fed her to boost her calories. After a few weeks of this and no progress I opted to try adopting a new companion. I worked with a rescue who let me foster-adopt so that I could find the right mate. We tried another female an that did not work but then we got Oliver and they were bonded in 48hours. Fiona started eating again within a week and they are inseparable. Perhaps trying to find a new companion will help ease the pain and lonliness he feels. Best of luck with Ptor

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