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Oct 6, 2021
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My rabbit Lulu was diiagnosed with arthritis in january. She is a senior bunny but we are not too sure how old she truly is as she is a rescue. There was some general weakness in her back legs that we noticed over christmas but it didn't seem to be impacting her quality of life too much, and giving her her anti-inflammatory really helped. In the last week though, her legs seem to have become a lot weaker and more wobbly and she has a harder time getting about. We're taking her back to the vet this week but I was wondering what else at home we could do in conjucntion with medical treatment. (she still seems to be happy, eating and keeping herself clean, happy to see people when they come in, and excited about food. At this stage her quality of life is still reasonably good, and she is still able to enjoy the things she's always enjoyed the most; cuddling with Bobby, our other rabbit, eating and being stroked)

I have already moved everything a lot closer to where she spends most of her time, so that she doesn't have to move far for hay, water, litter e.c.t. Her litter box is also now low profile so she doesn't need to jump to get in and out of it. I have also been brushing her more regularly as she can find it hard to reach some areas on her back.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how i could do more to help her. I have seen some stuff on red light therapy and cold laser therapy? Does anyone have any experience with any of these? are they at all effective?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!
Dec 10, 2014
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I have a creaky older bunny too :) You definitely seem on the right track, what a lucky girl to have such a great human looking after her!

Movement is key for my girl, if she's in her pen without free roam time for too long, I've noticed she moves more stiffly. I think limiting the litterbox height is helpful, but as long as there's good traction where she lives, I wouldn't necessarily move everything super close together to prevent her from moving more unless she's painful and not drinking/eating well due to distance. Outdoor rugs made of jute or otherwise non-slip material work well for my girl.

I've only ever used it on horses and dogs, but I've heard good feedback about vets giving Adequan injections to rabbits for arthritis as well. Sherwood Forest prevention tablets have really made a positive difference in Sage's quality of life as well.


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Mar 21, 2023
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I've heard good things about Oxbow joint tablets! I bought some for my guinea pig Larry who had quite severe arthritis and spondylosis of the spine. I offered Miley one as she is getting older... she wouldn't touch it 😂
Might be worth a go for your bun though!
Larry also had Cystease capsules (designed for cats), they have a high content of glucosamine which is good for joints. I wouldn't know the dose for a rabbit though, or even if it would be suitable. Might be worth looking it up or asking your vet!

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