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Dec 28, 2015
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I spend around $20/week on greens from the grocery store for a pair of rabbits, so $1k/year there.

All other rabbit costs, including boarding and vet care, are pretty consistent at around $2k/year.

That puts me at $3k/year, all-in.

When people ask me about costs for keeping rabbits, I always reference the RSPCA's flyer, which estimates total lifetime costs for a pair of house rabbits at around £16k (excluding vet costs). I've found it to be pretty accurate for me personally, even though some of the line items differ betweeen the UK & the US.


Mar 13, 2022
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Wow. Some of y’all are spending a fortune for your rabbits. I get 4-40 -50 lbs bales of hay from a buddy of mine who has a big farm. $3.00 a bale. I grow comfrey, kale radishes, spinach, lettuce and get plantain by the bushel load on my 2.5 acres for my 10 rabbits. Very little pellets and they are thriving.
I have 30 chickens also to feed.


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Jul 17, 2020
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Queens, NY
WAIT WHAT? 10 pounds should run out at 3 months at most. No offense, but are you sure your giving your rabbit enough hay?
He has unlimited hay and is perfectly healthy per his exotic vet, his poops are golden. He’s a dwarf Hotot, weighs 2lbs. We used to go through more when we just put it in the bin, he didn’t eat more we just threw away more that got peed and pooped on.
Oct 5, 2021
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Nova Scotia
Yowza on those costs! :eek:
@MooseMouse those are Canadian dollars so $120 canadian dollars is what?..about $95 US dollars. She's well taken care of!

A month of dry dog food for my 2 large dogs costs me about $30 (50lb). I tried a more expensive brand but they got stinky! I rarely do treats or extras because it makes them have gas 🥴. One's favorite toy is (free) empty plastic bottles -- until he gets the top off. The other loves tennis balls. Sooo pennies on toys if one divides into monthly costs.

My 14 year old labradoodle gets daily benadryl for allergies, but I get a generic bottle of 600 tabs for $9 on Amazon-- enough to last more than half the year.
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Ooh... I almost forgot. I do splurge on having a mobile dog groomer come. That's something newer that I do but I could save if I did it myself. That's about $200 for the 2 of them every 3 months-ish.
That's the cost of a midrange brand 22lb bag of kibble here. Low-end brand is about $60-$80 (the $60 ones have a magic ability to make your dog fat in a week) Premium doggo chow is closer to $180.
I could be wrong but I think we end up having higher costs because of shipping prices.
Our main shipping company here is government-run. We do have independent companies like Purolator and FedEx but the government has a paw in their honey pot too. I think this really inflates the shipping prices which get passed on to the customer.
For example, I can send a small envelope package to the US for $9 but to send a package within Canada the cheapest right now is $23.

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