any experience with pneumatosis intestinalis in rabbit

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Jan 24, 2023
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After a sudden onset lethargy and loss of appetite, we took our rabbit to exotics specialist. They found evidence of pneumatosis intestinalis on ultrasound, with no indication of underlying cause. They said this condition is extremely rare in any animal and they have never seen it in a rabbit. They have been treating largely with the protocol for dogs, combination antibiotics and Sucralfate. After acute treatment with pain meds and initiation of this protocol they discharged him and he has largely returned to normal over the subsequent two weeks. At one week review, the bloodwork was off a little (heterophil to lymphocyte ratio), but "within reference range". They recommended continuation of antibiotics, and discontinuation of Sucralfate. We are pleased at his apparent recovery thusfar, but just wondering if this seems appropriate protocol as the vets themselves seem uncertain. Strangely, the one antibiotic was not available in rabbit form, so we are having to give him the dog form, which is beef flavored. Naturally, he is not fond of that. I wonder if anyone here has experience with this disorder or its treatment and could comment on whether there is anything else we should consider?

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