An update on Alfie's dental issues

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Jul 12, 2019
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I had posted on this thread about my dwarf Angora and his dental journey. I wanted to share his progress. In February he'll be 3 years. So many occasions I thought he wouldn't live this long. From his first gastric stasis emergency (always middle of the night) his vet told me he had dental disease. Roots growing into the bone and mobile teeth leading to infection and abscesses. She said it would only get worse. It was very stressful for us. He has had 3 dentals, each involving 4 x- rays and trims. Time before last he had an abscess involving a lost tooth and another molar needed removing. He went from December 2019 to October 2020 without a check up because of Covid but also we didn't feel he had any issues that required one.
He had his last trim Dec 10th 2020, a slight trim that she said could have waited and only 1 x ray showing everything was good. He had a slight inflammation where he had the molar out so he went on 4 weeks of Tribrissen. They didn't want a recheck so he was booked for a trim this February 25th.
What changed? I'm not really sure. He has gained 50 - 75 grams permanently making him 1275 grams instead of 1205-1225 which we thought was his "normal" weight. He has tons of energy, seems very happy and follows a routine every day.
One thing we did do was switch from Oxbow pellets to Versa-Laga. They have more calories and less fiber but he still only gets 1 tbsp x 2 day. He eats hay constantly but we "upped" his daily veggies, greens and non - leafy. We had been focused on him only eating hay. We have increased his fruit too, from "only occasionally" to a little twice a day. Much more varied diet and he is still eating a lot of hay too.
I shop at an on- line store belonging to an Army wife in Canada - Zoey and Lilo's Toy Box . She's a good source of Sherwood Products. I use the products in the pic. Also Ovol as needed.
Long post, sorry. Hope someone may find it useful. Wishing you and your buns excellent health.20210123_084459.jpg