Am I track with my rabbit genetics?

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Sep 16, 2022
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Wisconsin USA
Hi! I'm working on a chart of my lionhead rabbits and their genetics. Am I missing anything, or do you see any errors?

More info:
Bold is stuff I feel very sure about.
Blue is stuff I feel like the rabbit should have based on its parents or children.
Italics are guesses based on either A) the stated color on the pedigree, but I have not seen the rabbit myself, or B) genetic codes that the internet told me, that I haven't worked through myself yet.

I'm using V for vienna gene and - for non-vienna gene. I didn't include it on all bunnies, since its independent of the rest of the coat colors and I understand that gene well.

I currently own Momo, Cloud, and Cottonball. I used to own Cheddar. Cheddar and the weaned babies have been sold. Cottonball is pedigreed (mostly unspecified harlis and BEW, both paternal grandmothers are blue torts), I do have some sibling information for her as well (has at least one pale pointed sib and one dark sib like seal or steel).

Its such a fun puzzle! Sodoku rabbit style...!


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