Aggressive rabbit

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Jul 21, 2020
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If they’re scared or aggravated, their body will be tense. Eventually you’ll be able to spot the difference.
Sep 21, 2020
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Myself owns an previous aggressive bunny, it wasn’t caused by hormones instead it was triggers and him being scared.

I’ve not truly been bitten by him for a year, but he can nip or go for the bite but it never break the skin. For example I touch his trigger point, I try to pick him up without doing his routine for picking up and so on. He will fixate a lot at my hands and can growl when he’s unhappy.

If I see the signs of triggering him, I just use treats as a distractions to make him relax again. I can check his teeth, clean the ears, trim the nails and he’s a totally angel. No struggle but pulling a little loose fur from his trigger point and he will try to bite me 🤣

They can feel your fear, so try to not let your fear rule you. I would say the biting when she don’t want you stop, try to put a stop to it by going away. Only reward her when she is calm and behave how you want. You can use treats when she behave good (use daily pellets ratio as treats). Because myself have also owned a nipping girl that was highly territorial when it was other animals and quite bossy. Her nipping would leave big bruises, but she later learned that nipping wouldn’t give what she wanted.
I have been using the pellets as treats and has been working well.

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