Aggressive behaviour in rabbit to be bonded

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Oct 11, 2021
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We have had our male neutered rabbit for a few months and yesterday brought home two spayed bonded sisters for his companions. They were the only rabbits available and they were several hours away, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten two more. Until bonding time they are kept in separate spaces. Upon suggestion from an expert who is guiding me, I put up a grid instead of keeping the door closed so they could see each other. To my surprise our boy got aggressive both towards them and me. I know it is normal behaviour, but he's always been such a calm and happy rabbit so I just didn't expect it. This is making me super nervous about the rest of the bonding process. The expert further suggested to switch the places we keep them in order to ease the process, which I will. However, she didn't really give me an answer about whether our boy can cool down before bonding? I closed the door for now, but can he get more used to seeing them? Should I try again after maybe having switched up where they are kept? Is there anything I can do to minimise the chance of him attacking them when they finally meet? I honestly thought he'd just be super exited. I know that maybe is naive, but it's just how I've known him so far, and I was more prepared to see ill behaviour from the more dominant of the female rabbits. I'd love to hear your personal experiences with bonding!

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