Abscess and Bicillin (Marcy E. Rosenfield (Moore) )

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Feb 2, 2021
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4 days after Bentley's neuter, I discovered a quite large swelling above the neuter incision. I emailed the vet and brought him in the following Tuesday. The vet mentioned that it's likely a abscess and prescribed baytril, metacam and gabapentin. I don't think the baytril will do anything honestly but so far he is eating, pooping and alert. I will be bringing him back this Friday to anoter checkup.

I was reading the protocol that was done by Marcy E. Rosenfield and was going to mention it to my vet when I go this friday. Does anyone happen to have her email? I found the protocol but on this forum, someone had mentioned that once every 3 days was not recommended anymore, but the protocol that I found still mentioned it so i wanted to clarify.

I am just worried because this swelling appeared extremly fast. He was neutered on a tuesday and it was already very large by saturday. There is also scabs on the swelling so I am not sure if he maybe scratched himself when at home and it got infected? So far he has been acting completely normal and does not seem to be in pain. But I am jus worried about large and fast it grew. Does anyone experienced something similar? Thank you

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