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Mar 29, 2013
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I'm a previous post I posted a picture of a bunny in a pet store with a hole in its ear. I haven't stopped thinking about that bunny since Monday. It looks like a min lop. I called the store and they said its a female and they don't know where the hole came from. Its probably not fixed (I'll check if I go back) and they said it came in with a male, so maybe it is. But I really want to adopt this bun, but I already have a young female bunny who isn't yet old enough to be spayed. I have a cage in case I get it, but that means my Clover will not have her larger cage until I bond them. I'm going back and forth a lot, someone please give me advice!


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May 22, 2012
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Well, you'll just have to be prepared to have two seperate buns for awhile and possibly forever if they don't bond. But in the meantime, caging seperate, free run out time seperate, two possible spays (if she isnt spayed) healing time for both. Thats a lot to take on. Plus same sex pairs offer a *bit* more challenges than m/f pairs....spontaneous fighting along the way, maybe rebonding needed every so often.

Plus, if she isn't spayed and she came in with a male, she could be pregnant. It wouldn't be the first time a pet store caged rabbits inappropriately and then unknowingly had a pregnant doe on their hands.

Bonding is difficult and tedious. It took 30 days to bond my pair and even though they bonded easily it was a LOT of work. So for me, I wanted the cards to be stacked in my favor as best as possible because bonding is already hard enough with rabbits. So my personal opinion would not to get her seems a bit spontaneous. BUT...that's just my personality...:) I'm kinda cautious about things and careful about taking on what I want to handle. So if you are ready for the time, money and work involved and okay with having two seperate buns the go for it.

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