6 weeks old rabbit with weird diarrheic-like poo

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Aug 14, 2020
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@HalaBuns you're in the same country as this member aren't you? Do you have any vet recommendations you can share with this member?

Yes bread or any grain based food isn't an ideal thing to be feeding rabbits. Soaking the hay pellets in warm water and making a mush would be better. Are the hay pellets just plain compressed hay or if not, what are the other ingredients in them?

Can you post what ingredients are in the antibiotic powder you were given? Particularly the active antibiotic, as some antibiotics given orally to rabbits, can prove fatal. And it can be a common mistake for vets not experienced with rabbits to make.

You also really need the cholestyramine as that is what prevents the toxins in the digestive tract from killing the rabbit. If you can't get that med, I would try and find activated charcoal or kaolin, or even something like peptobismol to coat and protect the digestive tract, would be better than nothing.

If your rabbit really does have watery diarrhea, I can't over state the urgency in getting the proper medications started right away.
So sorry, I’ve just seen this. My foster buns are a bit of a handful at the moment 😊 so not been online

@zeehas pleased to hear your bun is improving. Where in the UAE are you? If it’s Dubai I can recommend a few good vets, or otherwise there is a local FB group who I can refer you to, with members all over the country who can advise. Always good to have a good bunny vet’s contact details on hand. They may also be able to help you with a hay supplier too.