4 yrs M cryptorchid?

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Aug 15, 2019
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I have a bunny that is approximately 4 years old. He was given to me recently. I took him to the vet because his eye seemed like something was wrong with it, and his nails have never been cipped, except for a few my boyfriend recently did for me. (He just did the ones he could because he is pretty much as scared as I am of doing it but they were insanely long).

Anyways, I got him from a neighbour because she was moving and going to just let him go wild. I was with her when she got him. Thw woman seemed to know alot. She had many bunnies, outdoor hutches and a garden. She said she had bred bunnies for years. Anyways, she said this bunny was a GIRL. So for four years we had thought she was a girl. When I took her to the vet she said she found a scrotum and it was a boy, she showed me and it was just some flat skin, she also showed me the penis. Anyways, I asked why the balls were flat and she said he was neutered. I was like are you sure because I'm pretty sure he wasn't. She said yeah probably as a baby. So I was just like oh.... and I said well I guess it makes sense because I though she was trying to jump my foot...she said maybe because they could have some sexual tendencies left but not much.

Anyways, I know the breeder didn't have him neutered because she said he was a girl... I didnt really think of that when I was at the vet. And, I know that the bunny had never previously been to the vet or anything.

Is it possible the lady accidentally gave us a boy and said it was a girl.... I'm pretty sure she showed us, and checked in front of us....but it was a long time ago.

Is my vet maybe wrong, and he wasn't neutered? I just read about cryptorchid...trying to find answers.

The thing is... I've been letting him run around my daughters room. I sat on the floor (criss cross) and I think he was trying to hump my leg. He seemed to be holding on with his front paws and moving the back...at first I though he was trying to pull up and climb into my lap, but then I realized he shouldn't struggle with that and I pushed him off kind of freaked out. Then, I noticed he is making a slight buzzing noise when his is running around. It sounds like a bee. So I read that this noise could just be because he is happy or excited....but the consensus seems to be that it is usually done when sexually excited.

I just dont know if he may need to be neutered.. like maybe his balls are inside of him, or if he may not need to be? Could it be possible he never had balls, or they reabsorbed, so he just has the penis and some behaviors. As far as I know he has never sprayed or anything.
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