3 months sick

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Sep 26, 2019
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San Diego

My 6 year old rabbit has been having health issues for three months now. He started with a wheezing sound from his nose, I took him to his vet and he gave him some antibiotics. But there was no sign of him getting better. He then started sneezing all day long. Then the vet changed to other antibiotics but still no sign of recovery.

A few weeks later I noticed a few bald spots on his leg and hand, with little yellow bumps. He was diagnosed with ear and skin mites. His vet gave him a shot one week and the second one 8 days later.

Throughout this time he started to develop bald spots and yellow dots on his nose. The vet did a culture and saw there were some fungus and bacteria still there.

Right now he’s on antifungal and antibiotics. Mites came back and he had another shot to treat them. I’m getting desperate to see him like this, it’s been 3 months.

He eats, drinks water and poops normally. However, he hasn’t been his playful self.

Is this a case of snuffles?? Has anyone dealt with something similar? Any idea why the mites haven’t completely gone away?

There aren’t many rabbit savvy vets where I live, this is the vet who has been treating his dental problems perfectly for 3 years now.