2 weeks post spay

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Sep 7, 2021
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Hey everyone, my bunny is 5.5 months old, I’ve had her for about 3 months now and she just got spayed about 2.5 weeks ago. She came home a couple of days after being spayed and was running, jumping and binkying around but for the past week or two she hasn’t ran or jumped or binkied at all. All she does when I take her out of her x-pen is just jump on the sofa, throw off the cushions and just dig and destroy, dig and destroy. You guys should see the state of my couch lol (i don’t mind since we’ve been meaning to get new couches anyway). But in general she just seems super lethargic, I caught her asleep in her litter box today she just seems so tired all the time. She's eating and pooping totally normally though. Does anyone know what I can do to make her run and jump around again, because whenever she would jump and binky i would know that she’s happy and enjoying life but now idk i’m just scared she’s unhappy for some reason even though her living conditions haven’t changed at all. Also, does anyone have any ideas as to how to get her to stop ruining my couch? I made her a dig box just now so let’s see if that works but if not are there any other suggestions?


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Sep 17, 2019
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did the vet tell you she could be running around a couple days after surgery? ours had to stay confined for 2 weeks while her incision healed up so she wouldn't accidentally hurt herself.
(I'm not a vet so take everything I say with a grain of salt. This is just what my vet said.)
I did read some sources saying that rabbits may heal up from spays pretty quickly, but the fact she seems to be lethargic is odd and that was my first thought.
Eating and pooping is always a good sign, but are you noticing her showing any signs of pain? does she ever appear to be in a hunched position or grind her teeth loudly? or seem to not be able to get comfortable?
Our rabbits sleep in their litter boxes all the time, and rabbits sleep a lot during the day, so it could just be normal behavior. If she seems to be acting very strange for her, though, it's probably best to call the vet and ask.
as for the new destructive habits, sometimes it can take up to a couple months after spaying/neutering for their hormones to calm down, so the rabbit might still want to chew and dig everything for a while. a dig box is probably a good idea, if she is chewing it's probably also a good idea to get her plenty of things to chew. Ours like apple branches.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Could you clarify what you mean when you say lethargic, as you are also describing her being very active and destructive?