2 Bonded bunnies in need of new home Northbrook, IL

Discussion in 'Rescue Me!' started by Shirasu, May 6, 2018.

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    Hello everyone!

    I have two adorable bunnies a friend of mine dropped off a little over two weeks ago. He had to let them go for a lot of various personal issues and didn't have a home at the time or time to find them a home, so I offered to care for them and if need be, find them a home. Unfortunately I just do not have the space for a proper setup or the money to make one to accommodate for them, as both are young (2-4 months) and thus not spayed, and only one is litter trained.

    There is a big and a small one! Both female (I'm told). A large red Rex(?) mix, and a small black-white patterned netherland (false?) dwarf(?) mix. I'm going off basic guesses, so do not take my word for granted.(There are pictures.)

    Personalities : They're both super duper sweet towards each other! Every night they sleep roughly next to or under, over, around each other! The big one thumps a lot when the little one moves in the night, which, she does a lot. She has lots of energy and usually is climbing on top of the big ones face and ears all over and she just sort of accepts it. They groom each other a ton, and are always flopping and relaxed. Not the most active bunnies, as I've tried to get them to run around in my living room at times. All they really want to do is cuddle. It'll take them a few days to adjust, but with a few treats and time to settle in, they submit to pets super duper easily. The little one is very submissive and shy, but once you start to get around to petting her she'll simply melt. The big one has a healthy amount of "rabbitude". She really, truly, acts like a big sister for the little one.

    Price & Items : Small, negotiable rehoming fee. (I just want them to be happy/healthy, honestly. They're so sweet.) Crate 40$ Modular Play Pen 30$ 50x30 inch tray 25$ They're running low on food/hay, so if there is any you may ask for it, free of charge.

    More pictures at: https://i.imgur.com/dNWvdF0.jpg


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