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  1. P

    Baby bunnies, need advice?

    I just got two baby bunnies and I thought they were older when I bought them but they are actually a little over 4 weeks old. I know this is too young but the guy I bought them from told me they were eating pellets and didn’t need milk anymore and I trusted him. Will they be okay on pellets and...
  2. Rosy

    Young rabbits constantly nipping

    I have two young rabbits (around 13 weeks old) that are constantly nipping at my clothes. I don't usually mind but if they catch some skin with it, then it hurts. They also dig a lot at my clothing. Why might they be doing this? How can I stop these behaviors?
  3. Rosy

    identifying rabbits gender

    Hi all. Two of my bunnies are around 8 weeks old and i would like to identify what sex they are. They are currently living together and obviously, if they are of opposite genders, i would not want a surprise litter. What is the best way to do this? What is the best way to hold them? I will post...
  4. Kora

    Young rabbit diet?

    I’m getting a young (I think 2 months old) rabbit soon, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to need to feed her, as everything I see or read tells me different things. I’m going to be feeding her Oxbow Young Rabbit pellets for sure, as those seem to be the most highly recommended. But how much...
  5. Chloe Duwelius

    Bunny claw clipping?

    Hi! My bunny, Powder, is maybe a couple months old (I could get the exact age if needed) and I was wondering if I should clip her claws on my own or if I should bring her to the vet to have it done while she is young? Thanks!
  6. V

    Woke up to paralyzed bunny

    I recently bought 2 male and 2 female one month-old bunnies. I gave one to my friend and i was left with 3 of them. That was just 2 days ago. I kept them in a nice cosey cage with food and water and once a day i let them go on a pile of hay and they did their bussines and fed themselves a...
  7. alexisjeanne13

    New Flemish Giant Pet Coming Home!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. In about a week or two I will be picking up my new flemish giant bunny! I have had several rabbits in the past, but never a larger breed like this one! He will be about 9-10 weeks old when I bring him home. The car ride to bring him home will be about an hour...