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  1. Zr0x

    I need some advice about my new rabbit's shy behavior

    So I have this rabbit for 17 days now and this is my first time taking care of one, he's 4month old right now and well I've been worried lately about him. I researched the things he does but to be honest I still don't feel fine so I wanted to see people's advice about this. He lays in his cage...
  2. P

    Twitching bunny help!

    Uh hello im new here and I just recently got a bunny- i don't know if she is sick or not ok but she seems to be twitching her head and when we let her run and play she gets excited but twitches a lot. Her stomach seems to be really bloated or big to say the least. Is this all normal im really...
  3. MistyBun25

    New bunny with soft poop

    I recently added a new adorable member to the family. He is a 8 week old Holland lop and he is simply perfect! Added him to be bonded to my girl, who is almost 3 years old, once he is neutered! But we have a concern. When we went to pick him up, we learned he was on a all pellet only diet. He...
  4. M

    Rabbit has a booger and is sneezing ( is this a huge concern? )

    Hello everyone, I’m a little worried about our male Holland lop named Buttercup. He has been sneezing on and off, usually when he’s eating hay ( it may just get stuck ) but now it’s away from his hay... Then I noticed a booger that was white, stuck on his nose. Should I be worried about this? Do...