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  1. T

    Who's right?

    Several days ago I was browsing on Amazon for cat houses (we have two cats). I found a line of wooden cat houses that are adorable and reasonably priced. One looks like a mid-century modern TV! As I was reading the product pages for these cat houses, I noticed two of the three models mentioned...
  2. KayDai

    Is river birch wood safe for bunnies?

    I was curious if river birch wood is safe for bunnies I couldn't really find anything online so I am asking here! I want to make some toys for my bun and I was seeing if it was safe for them because I have a lot of river birch!
  3. NovaBunny11

    Bunny playhouse question

    Hi All! Longtime reader, first time poster. I recently built our bunny Sassy a wooden playhouse in her crib and she absolutely loves it. She's been daytime-sleeping now in the upper room which is mostly walled in (and relatively dark). And from time to time she seems to enjoy stretching out...