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  1. Miffythebun


    Hi, just found a wild rabbit in the middle of a country road (he was lying floped so got out to move him and he just stayed lying there so went to pick him up to move him and he was so docile- obviously very sick so I couldn’t leave him and drove him home. Carried him in an old jumper and...
  2. J

    Wild bunny garden! Suggestions and examples

    I'm moving into my first actual home (instead of an apartment) within a month. I would like to dedicate the side yard specifically to a wild bunny garden. I want to plant grasses and foods for them and plan to create a pond area (small shallow kids pool with a fountain probably) for water. Any...
  3. R

    Baby Bun Not Pooping.

    I’m going to start this off by saying, I know that the best chances of this babies survival would be with a rehabber but I simply can’t get to the only one that is in my area. It’s way to far. I have experience with baby animals of many species and that is why I took this on. My little Honey is...
  4. M

    Baby cottontail, eyes not open yet.

    hello everyone. I am new to this forum and new to bunnies. My family and I went Apple picking the other day. We saw a small crowd surrounding something on the ground. It was a baby bunny and it was yelling like it was hurt. I think I heard one of the little kids say that he didn’t mean to step...
  5. L

    How do I calm my bunny down?

    My little buck has become almost feral and will grunt and kick when I pick him up. When I got him he was super docile, but now he runs away from me and lunges if I stick my hand in his cage. I’m suspecting it might be that he’s stressed out, due to the fact that his hutch and enclosure are...