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  1. Brucellarosequinn

    Hello!! Meet Bruce and Ella

    We are from Alberta Canada, I have two rabbits, Bruce Quinn (5 years old, male, unknown breed lol), and Ella Rose (5 1/2 years old, female, Netherland dwarf). I decided to join this forum because sometimes I have questions that google/youtubers can't answer. Both rabbits are fixed and bonded...
  2. MollyIsTall


    Hi! Nice to meet you all :) I'm molly, I own one bunny and I am a new bunny owner! Archie is about 6 months old and a full-bred holland lop! I joined here so I can connect with bunny owners and ask questions and get good responses without having to google it! Archie is my profile picture but he...
  3. EclipseTheLionhead


    Hi there, My name is Lucas, I'm 21 years old living in Illinois, USA. This past Saturday I adopted a small female Lion Head that I just called Eclipse! I'm a brand new owner to rabbit in general so expect me to ask many question and tips along the way, I've been wanting a pet rabbit since I was...