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  1. B

    Rabbit Gravity Water Bowl???

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to get my bunny a gravity water bowl, but the ones I see on amazon are plastic and easy to tip over. Does anyone have suggestions for good gravity water bowls? looking for something like this, just not spillable
  2. Gelly

    Is a gravity water feeder with a carbon filter safe for bunnies?

    Happy 2020! I got one of those gravity feeders that dispense water and can hold a lot. My bunny drinks a lot of water but would tip over his bowls (he's an eager little thing) so I felt like this would solve both the problem of me having to keep refilling and prevent him from tipping. The water...
  3. nataly

    Spayed Female 2 y.o. started peeing outside litterbox

    She used to be very good, NEVER peeing outside the litterbox. She has a larger-than-litterbox size container where I give her hay on one side and sometimes she does her business there on the other end, but usually she even jumps to the litterbox to pee. Recently, I was rearranging the layout...
  4. Hartlea

    Should I just chill out some? Health scare

    Hi, all! So, I posted last night about my bunny not seeming like he wanted to drink. Well, I got him to drink some last night... once for a good 3 minutes straight, a couple of other times for about a minute or so each. This was last night after he got sub-q fluids in the morning. However, I’m...
  5. Hartlea

    How to get bunny to drink more water while recovering from Stasis

    Hi! I have an adorable holland lop rabbit who has been dealing with a bout of GI Stasis for about a week now... long story short, it has been a LOOONGG and trying process.... numerous vet trips, etc. His pooping has gotten better (producing more) and a lot of it has fur in it... makes me think...
  6. Kate_13

    Mini water fountain okay for bunny?

    New Rabbit Mommy here! So I got little Scout and we have been doing fine with most things....except she’s kinda a picky eater\drinker. We got the hay thing under control now so onto the water. I live in AZ and while she’s a fully free roaming indoor bunny I can’t help but feel scared that she...