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  1. T

    bunny peeing alot

    My bunny doesn’t drink much water and she pees maybe 3 times a day give or take and its always yellowish. Today i saw someone say that they put parsley on the water bowl and her bunny drank alot, so i tried it and put some mint leaves and while she is trying to get it she drinks. She drank more...
  2. B

    Rabbit Gravity Water Bowl???

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to get my bunny a gravity water bowl, but the ones I see on amazon are plastic and easy to tip over. Does anyone have suggestions for good gravity water bowls? looking for something like this, just not spillable
  3. Redrabbit

    New bunny advice please

    Hi, We adopted a new bunny today and she’s gorgeous but she’s a lop and I’m a bit clueless. (We have a Rex) Every time she drinks her ears get wet but I’m reluctant to use a bottle- which is better bowl and wet ears or bottle and dry ears? Is it something she’ll learn (she had a bottle before)...