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  1. raven123

    How much on average does it cost to get a rabbit neutered?

    I have a bunny and I really want to get a new buddy for her but she isn’t spayed yet and I haven’t found any good prices for spaying bunnies. The lowest I’ve gotten is around $400. Is that a regular price to get them spayed or is it over priced. I would appreciate if you could tell me good vets...
  2. A

    Which eastern Massachusetts vets are good for neutering rabbits?

    I am looking for a reliable vet to get my rabbit neutered at, some where in eastern Massachusetts . I checked the rabbit house society website but it said their list was not available. I am going to ask my dog's vet for suggestions, but would much rather hear from other rabbit owners about their...
  3. Kat Lust

    Looking for Vets in Washington, US, That Also Have Vaccines For Rabbits

    Hello, I've been trying to find some vets to bring my bunnies to just for a wellness checkup, but I'm also trying to find a vet that has the vaccines for rabbits. I have called a bunch of places, most of which could do the checkup, but all of them said they didn't have the vaccines for rabbits...
  4. V

    Rambo my bunny.

    Hello, I am in need of advice. My bunny Rambo is 4 years old, for past few years his teeth have been over growing, which has been causing him alot of trouble due to being in pain. We have had several treatment from the vets ie his teeth being snipped down and this being done, while he was...
  5. L

    The Netherlands

    Sharing with you all our rabbit-savvy vet in Rotterdam. They are friendly, professional, and the staff speak good English if you're not a native Dutch speaker. Caressa Dierenkliniek Walenburg Walenburgerweg 51 3039 AD Rotterdam (010) 466-1553 I was very worried...
  6. S

    Hard Black/Yellow Callus on Hock? Or Something More Serious?

    Hi Rabbits Online Community! We have a 3 1/2 year old what we believe to be White Dwarf rabbit called Tulip, and we got her about a year and a half ago from All About Rabbits Rescue, an adoption center. She's always had some sore hocks every now and then, and we learned that rugs over...
  7. Kathryn Yarnton

    Cloudy Spot in wee mans eye

    Ommy is 11 weeks old, today I realized he has a cloudy spot in his eye. I tried looking more closely at it it seemed to reflect light like a blind persons eye tends to. I am worried its a cataract or EC. I can not afford the treatment for either of these conditions! What do I do?... Watch it and...
  8. Nava576

    Vets near me

    Does anyone know any rabbit vets near El Mirage Arizona? I've had my rabbit for a while and I really wanna get him his shots.