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  1. K

    Need advice about continuing penicillin injections

    Hi, my rabbit had an ultrasound done on Sunday that revealed a mass, the vet initially suspected it to be a bacterial infection and gave me penicillin injections and so far I’ve only administered it that Sunday. On Monday night she gave me a call that I had missed and left a voicemail saying...
  2. PeterDussan31

    Should I be going to a ER?

    My baby has been shaking/trembling most times he lies down since tuesday. Like when flops, or chills on his side..Ive called a couple vets offices but they tell me to just keep and eye out. That they dont have any available appointments until two weeks from now. Apart from this behavior we dont...
  3. M

    Rabbit sneezing

    Hello I have a Rex bunny and he started to sneeze sometimes is it normal or it’s a problem?
  4. Whiteyzebunny

    post fly strike surgery

    Hello everyone! My bunny got fly strike while we were away so we took her to the vet. She came home earlier today with the operation and antibiotics/fluids being a success. However she has little to no energy, is not eating drinking or moving. I'm sure this is still from the shock and stress of...
  5. sammantha

    Change in Rabbit dewlap.

    Hello! I’m new to this but I just came back from the vet 4 days ago and have noticed a change in my rabbits dewlap. It was there when she went but I want more information on it to make sure it’s nothing serious. I looked at it last night and it basically just looks like pink skin, no sores or...
  6. Tim.Coates

    Why has my neutered rabbit of 7 years started humping and spraying again?

    We have had a bonded pair of rabbits (Ani(M) & Obi(F)) for 7 years. They were both neutered/spayed long ago. In the last 2 years Ani has started spraying again, and not a small amount. It makes cleaning their pen much more difficult than it used to be. This spring he has just started trying to...
  7. M

    possible ear infection/mites?

    it is not very clear in the picture but her ears are flaky with fur falling off. It wasn't noticeably like this yesterday and pretty sudden, unless I just missed it. At first I thought it was just shedding since the rest of her fur is also shedding but flaking doesn't seem normal and every time...
  8. 1

    Help! My rabbit gave birth to a dead baby, but the others haven’t come out. It has been almost 24 hours.

    My rabbit gave birth yesterday in the middle of the day to an oddly large stillborn baby, about twice the size I expected, but apart from that, normal looking. I gently removed it, and expected her to give birth to more (hopefully live ones) in the next few hours. I know there are more in there...