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  1. B

    Flea prevention

    Should i use flea medication to prevent fleas ? It is common where i live to use drugs every 3 months to prevent fleas, mites for rabbits just like cats and dogs. If i should which drugs are safe ? advantage is safe i guess.
  2. Katie94

    Vaccination side effects?

    Hello, I am getting annual vaccination boosters this week for my bunnies for the first time (we rescued them so their first lot was done by the rescue centre). I was just wondering if there might be any side effects I should expect if anyone has experienced this? I live in the UK so will be...
  3. T

    Is he okay? Just been to the vets..

    So I took my bunny to the vets today (with rabbit savvy vet who has her own bunnies so was very thorough and did good checks). He also got his very first vaccination today. She did heaps of checks including his nails, teeth, bum, eyes etc. One of the many questions she asked me was if he had a...
  4. Kale Passfield

    Vaccination questions

    Another thread brought to my attention about rabbit vaccinations. This is one of few rabbit subjects I dont know much about and need opinions. I live in bc canada. Which diseases should I be getting my buns vaccinated for? Is it okay to get one the same vaccination? Why I ask is I have a 2 year...
  5. C

    Does anyone have experience with vaccines for pasteurella?

    The male bunny we rescued from a neglect/abuse situation has a URI. Vet is culturing a nasal swab and foster person who is caring for the bunny for us is medicating the lionhead with baytril. Has anyone ever gotten vaccinations for their bunny for URI? We have a healthy spayed female lionhead...