unusual behavior

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  1. Binkis Mum

    Angry? Bored?

    Binki never chews anything except the cardboard and items we give her. We had to leave her alone for two nights and one day -- we returned home to find that she had totally chewed through the carpet, through the protective loom, and Through the electrical wires t our reclining couch. (We had...
  2. CloverInTheField

    Strange rabbit noises

    My rabbit is 18weeks old. Lately his hormones have started to kick in, so he’s starting to grunt at me when I do certain things like picking him up to put him back in his cage, etc. He never lunges or bites though. When my father pets and plays with him, he makes these weird whining noises...
  3. V

    Help? My bunny is breathing too fast

    I've had my bun for over eight years now and he's a little bit older than that, I got him when he was about two or three (the previous owners didn't know). Today, he was running around for a little while and I noticed him breathing strangely. I picked him up to see if he was ok and I heard him...
  4. blwinteler

    My rabbits are acting out of sorts. Please help!

    Hey, So, Buggs has been doing amazing. He and Groucho are getting along great and insisted on sharing a cage again. The abscess has been gone for a few months now. Anyway, I let them out of their cage for several hours every evening. During which, they run around, play, and enjoy a few...