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  1. JessicaWalnut

    Unknown cancer

    Hi. I have an 8 month old Rex rabbit. Had her since 8 weeks old. Brought her to a special vet to get spade. She appears to vet and myself perfect health. When they did the operation she found many tumors. Her uterus had none but they were all located around the skin. She removed some but the...
  2. L

    Lumps on rabbit

    Today I came to my rabbit and he was not active and just laying in the corner when usually he is very active and hyper. He has had GI stasis a few times but has recovered with baby simethicone so I gave him some just to be safe but I dont know if that's the problem this time. I picked him up and...
  3. Wallemum

    Old boy and with tumor :-(

    I’ve had the worst couple of days.. I have a 7 year old male rabbit who is normally fit and healthy. Thursday morning I went out to feed him and he was absolutely fine, when I got home from work on the evening I went out to give him his dinner and cover him up for the night and noticed his eye...
  4. Binkyed

    When is the right time for the unbearable?

    Our dear sweet 4 yo blue Flemish Giant had a tumor appear suddenly in November. Before the surgery they found another tumor on her back leg. They removed the rumors and she lost 3 pounds in one day. They biopsied the tumors which proved to be malignant. They consulted with U Penn exotics - they...
  5. L

    Spreading lump on rabbit cheek? (Please help!!)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a diagnosis of some sort? Basically 2 months ago my 5 year old Netherland Dwarf developed a sudden red lump on his nose. We thought it could be burn from the radioactive as he likes to be near them or some sort of sore so we put some sudocrem on...
  6. Liung

    Found a large tumour on her dewlap

    I had a vet appointment booked for Delilah today to talk about her watery eye, which I posted about previously It did clear up a lot with regular expression, but then got worse again, so two weeks ago (my Dr is in very high demand) I booked a recheck appointment for her. I went in today to...