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  1. J

    Bunny thumping at new one!

    ello! I have two bunnies (honey) is a female determined by vets. We recently got her a bunny friend who we also thought was female but we are now having second thoughts. (Bonbon) ever since we got bonbon we have kept them in two cages apart from eachother but in view of eachother. Honey has...
  2. Hartlea

    Moved to New House...Nervous Bunny

    hi! I have one adorable Holland Lop, and yesterday morning, we moved into a new duplex together (along with my parrot). Initially, he actually didn’t seem THAT scared... I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. However, this morning (after our first night here) he seems much more skittish and...
  3. Tabi

    Bunny stomping constantly at night

    Hi everyone! I just adopted my second bunny Pluto from the RSPCA, he has been introduced to my first bunny Luna and they get along super well and are already bonded! I've had him for roughly two weeks, he sleeps inside with Luna in my room, their area is 3m by 2m and they have everything a...
  4. Floyd2019

    Rabbit thumping, unknown danger, seems very stressed!

    Hi guys. My rabbit doesn't thump very often and if he does i usually watch his body language to see if it's from fear or attention seeking etc. This morning i woke up to floyd thumping like crazy. He was hiding under my bed and then running around my room like a wild rabbit listening for...
  5. LopJupiter

    Won't stop thumping at night!

    Hi, I've had Jupiter for about 5 years he's 6 and he's gotten to a point where his behavior has changed so much and I don't know what to do. He thumps so much throughout the night. He trained me good with his thumping by giving him treats when he acts up at 2am! Now he won't stop thumping! The...
  6. S

    Rabbit doesn’t like me?

    About 3-4 weeks ago I purchased a rabbit. I have been wanting one for a while so this was exciting for me. At first he seemed pretty shy, but now he seems pretty comfortable with me to the point where he’ll climb on me and eat treats out of my hand, etc. he’s about 4-5 months old. However...
  7. G

    My rabbit is acting really wierd. HELP!

    My rabbit (gopher) has been acting really wierd for the past hour and a half... He hasnt been eating his food for atleast an hour now, hes ignoring carrots. About 10 minutes ago was just thumping over and over. He stopped thumping after i turned of the Washing Machine (it was beeping) but hes...
  8. L

    How do I calm my bunny down?

    My little buck has become almost feral and will grunt and kick when I pick him up. When I got him he was super docile, but now he runs away from me and lunges if I stick my hand in his cage. I’m suspecting it might be that he’s stressed out, due to the fact that his hutch and enclosure are...