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  1. stellarmanone

    Bunny has a large sore on foot

    I don’t want any hate post. I already feel bad enough that I let my rabbit’s foot get this bad and that I may have to put her down because of something I neglected. I just want help and instructions on what this is and if it’s even possible to treat. The reason she looks wet is because I soaked...
  2. LavenderLopLover

    Sore Hocks

    I recently got a new bunny when i was checking her for her health i didn't notice she had sore hocks but later i did i put triple antibotic ointment on her and put fur on the area and wrapped it i also am keeping her in an area with soft flooring anything else i can do without vet if it gets...
  3. M

    Sore on back and lots of hairloss, please help

    Hello, our 4 year old male rabbit is shedding his hair, which is normal as the season is changing here. However when brushing him today I noticed a bald patch with a red sore. I will try and upload some pics. We keep him inside in his cage over night and when the weather is dry and warm enough...