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  1. P

    My bunny keeps sneezing and scratching his ears

    Important info: I’ve only had this bunny for 5 days. My bunny is male and not neutered; I do not know the age (he’s pretty young) or breed of this bunny. I also have an ant problem and ants are in his litter My bunny has been sneezing a lot these past three days. They are not sneezing fits...
  2. StephanieBBL


    Hi. So I have raised rabbits since 2013 and recently took in a 4 yr old Holland Lop. Well after his quarantine period was over, he began to have runny eyes. Just in one. Now he has it in 2 and some snot (milky colored) come out of his nose. He has also started sneezing. I worry that it is...
  3. rocket'smommy

    Culture Help- Please Hey Guys, I recently took Pablo to his vet. He has been battling a case of the snuffles for some time now. They had him on Probiocin and Baytril for a month or so. I noticed it was still not getting better. I finally sent out a nasal culture and the results came back...
  4. M

    3 months sick

    Hi! My 6 year old rabbit has been having health issues for three months now. He started with a wheezing sound from his nose, I took him to his vet and he gave him some antibiotics. But there was no sign of him getting better. He then started sneezing all day long. Then the vet changed to other...