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  1. D

    Sinus issues?

    My rabbit Dobo has been sneezing off an on since January with either clear or white discharge from his nose. Hes been on three kinds of antibiotics, had a nasal flush, culture done and xray. I am kind of at my wits end as to what I can do. His energy is great, hes eating well and happy, but I...
  2. Whiteyzebunny

    Help my 3 year old bunny is breathing heavily and sneezing!

    Hello! My rabbit Whitey has been having sneezing episodes over the last few days, she was also been more aware and alert than usual however she is acting like usual in every other sense! I have realsied her breathing is quite rapid and heavy it has made me wonder if she has anything up her nose...
  3. Marikristine

    My bunny's behavior

    Hi! Lately, my bunny has been behaving differently. He used to sleep by 6 in the morning then be active at around 7 in the evening. Now, he sleeps at 1 in the afternoon then be active at 8 in the evening. He has become a little aggressive, he likes to nibble my father and brother's legs. I'd...
  4. T

    Is he okay? Just been to the vets..

    So I took my bunny to the vets today (with rabbit savvy vet who has her own bunnies so was very thorough and did good checks). He also got his very first vaccination today. She did heaps of checks including his nails, teeth, bum, eyes etc. One of the many questions she asked me was if he had a...
  5. PeanutsBunny

    Rabbit sneezing

    Hi everyone. I have a holland lop, about 3 months old. She has started sneezing when she's sleeping. She doesn't sneeze when she's awake. It's only one or two.sneezes.while she.sleeps. she doesn't have any discharge or matted paws. I should mention that she has started to sleep under my bed. I...
  6. L

    Bunny sneezes a lot but energetic

    For about a week now he keeps on sneezing. But he eats and drinks a lot. Poops and pees regularly. He’s energetic too. He runs to me when I get home. Probably expects his veggies. When he knows I’m about to refill his hay he circles around me or the bag. This morning he was zooming crazily...