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  1. Joscelyn Owens

    My bunny has a poopy Bottom. Why?

    I'm so worried about my rabbit. He has had this problem for a long time. I wash him and try to cut it off, but it's such a hassle. He runs,grunts, and tries to bite me. I'm worried I'm hurting him, but idk what else to do. He cant sit and holds his butt up. I thought I got it all off but maybe...
  2. A

    Since treating my Bunny with Xeno for Mites he smells bad. Is this normal?

    My Lop is just over twelve months old. I recently found a dandruff patch on his back between his shoulders, so I took him to the vets. They said he had mites (under the skin parasite variety and gave me the spot on XENO plus an anti bacterial wipes for the infected area). Since treatment, my...